What We’re Doing

Millions of children in the Caribbean lack access to books and reading materials. This perpetuates both the illiteracy rate and poverty. 


We have a simple mission: to give children in the Caribbean access to books and encourage lifelong reading. Although many people associate the Caribbean with wealth because of its premiere travel destination status, the reality is that most nations in the Caribbean are poor and developing countries. Books for the Caribbean aims to help schools and libraries in the Caribbean to 
develop sustainable, easy-to-maintain systems to increase access to books. 

Recent Projects

Books for the Caribbean


Founded: 2014

Founder: Jan Howell 


Areas of expertise: 
Education consulting, real estate, skills training 

Company Profile

Keith Primary School 
More fun than we could possibly fit in a sentence.

Lower Buxton
How can all these children fit in the same classroom.

Entertaining Aaron Nigel Smith
One encounter will change your life forever..

Partnership with Piccolo Books
We filled an entire shipping container.

Boys' Jail somewhere in Jamaica
Let's face it, kids in trouble need books too.